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Bakeman’s – Curry

AED 1.01AED 50.40

  • Taste the Good Stuff: Feel the magic of curry flavour in every potato chips Every potato chips we provide includes fresh potatoes, vegetable oil, and identical curry flavour
  • Crispy Snack: Taste the potatoes chips in curry flavour and get a crispy, mouth-watering delicious taste It gives you a feel of crunch in every bite with a lip-smacking taste
  • Bakeman’s potato chips are prepared with selected farm-fresh potatoes, sliced very fine, and deep-fried in pure vegetable oil Now taste the chip with delightful curry flavour
  • Tasty. Crunchy. Potato Chips: Feel hungry at night? Grab the packet of chips. Bakeman’s satisfies your all cravings with tasty, crunchy curry-flavoured potato chips.
  • Curry Flavour Snacks: New Bakeman’s Potato Chips are made with curry flavour. These delicious potato chips are high in flavour that is going to leave you reaching for more! 


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